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Grampa never told him . . .

Verrick looked around the massive chamber. It had to be nearly 200 feet long, and close to 100 feet high. Situated near the opposite end from where they stood was a Massive stone ring, and around it was a pool of bubbling silver and gold liquid. His eyes began to dance around the room, what was going on here.
The dwarf had said that Lupis was down here, but he saw no sign of the halfling anywhere.
"Ferthau, where is Lupis, you said he would be down here"

"Aye, and he is." the dwarf said as he walked forward toward the pool of liquid. "Lupis, come on, your scarin the Lad, he is part of this now, he has a right to know."

Verrick walked up next to the dwarf and froze. The Liquid, he felt like it was watching him. Suddenly a shape began to rise up from the middle of the pool. It started without much form. slowly it began moving towards them and as it moved the form began to solidify. Feet in boots now stood on the surface of the pool. those feet took a step towards the edge of the pool and as the moved legs formed, wearing brightly colored clothing the legs and the boots took another step and a chest formed, wearing what appeared to be finely woven clothing, another step and formless stubs turned into a pair of arms, and finally as the figure stepped off the surface of the pool and onto the land infront of Verrick and Ferthau the Familiar face of Lupis appeared and smiled at the dwarf and Verrick.

"The Theatrics seemed a bit over done" Ferthau said with a chuckle as he reached over and put his arms out as Verrick feinted.

Moments later Lupis gently slapped the cheeks of his feinted Lord. Slowly Verrick opened his eyes. His vision started out as if he was looking at the world through a long tunnel. He Locked on something moving around and focused on it. Slowly the Tunnel disolved as his other senses began to function again. He saw the face of Lupis come into focus followed by hearing him speaking.

"Verrick, Lord Verrick, can you hear me, are you okay?" Lupis kept repeating with the ocassional gentle slap to the face. Finally his mind replayed the events he had just witnessed. His eyes opened wide as he took in his surroundings.

"You,yaa" he stammered "Your . . "

"Verrick, Lad," Ferthau started," Nay Don't try ta get up, just sit there and Let us explain some things"

Lupis looked up at the dwarf, "You know his grandfather wagered that he would react this way."

"ya don't have to remind me, just be lucky we didn't bring him down armed, else i fear things would have been different." Ferthau retorted.

"Can someone please explain what is going on?" Verrick blurted out, his head still reeling from what he had seen.

"Lord Verrick I am sorry to have startled you so, this is all part of the legacy your grandfather left for you."

"My Grandfather knew you could do that?" Verrick asked as he finally started to calm down but still not entirely beliving what he had seen. "What are you?"

"We," Lupis said glancing at the dwarf and then back at the pool of metalic water "are Autonomous Synthetic Organisms, or A.S.O.s for short. A better way to describe it and the way your grandfather understood was that we are very tiny metal bugs that can join together and form into any shape at will. I myself am composed of several million of these tiny bugs, and when we are in this form we are the entity you know as Lupis."

Verrick's mind went over what the halfling had said then he looked to Ferthau and without a word the Dwarf nodded. "Where did you come from are you creatures of Magic? are you even from this world?"

"No and sort of" Lupis said with a smirk. "We are not Magical from our point of view however your grandfather started out accepting that we were magical. Once he had seen certain things he began to have a better understanding. That will all come in time. We were created on this world, just not in this time or this reality. You see we are guardians, we guard your world from things that may come through that gate and try to harm this world."

"Like the dragon?" Verrick interjected

"Yes, how that dragon manged to even activate the gate is beside me." Lupis continued. "Whoever the lord of the keep is shall always be privy to the secrets of this chamber. From time to time we have need to call upon someone who is not of our kind to act on our behalf or assist us in our duties."

"Are those duties the reason my Grandfather died?"

"Oh heavens no. Your grandfather passed away of human fraility, he died happily of old age."

"Okay, so where does this gate go to? I assume it's a magical portal of some sort, what part of the world is it's mate on?"

With this Lupis smiled broadly"first we must educate you in the way the universe really works. Have you ever heard of the concept of alternate realities?"

"a friend of mine said that was one of the possible explainations of Magic, that when ever someone casts a spell they are weakening the barrier between this reality and another."

"Quite right" the Halfling said with another broad smile, "See I told you this would be quite easy. "this gate allows us to travel to those alternate realities, there are thousands if not millions of realities, we have the ability to travel to them once we can discern the amount of shift from the current reality."

"How do you make sure you come back to this reality?" Verrick asked now fully engrossed in what the halfling was telling him.

Lupis pointed to the back wall of the chamber where a Massive Glyph had been etched. "Each reality has a different Glyph, so as long as you know that particular glyph you can always get home."

the Chamber

"Dragonloin? from the one that appeared last night?"

"No, that Dragon Species contains no edible meat."

"I have read about all the species of Dragon on this world, and never have I heard one that fits that description." he said between bites.

"I can't speak about that my lord." the elf said with a smile that spoke volumes. Verrick noticed the smile and decided it would be a battle for another day. As he finished his meal he looked over at her plate. She had only taken a bite or two of the food.

"Not hungry?" he asked.

"No my lord. I had my meal very early this morning." she said with another smile.

Once finished he bid Throildeth a good day and walked out into the courtyard where he found Ferthau and several other Dwarves standing around the burning carcass of the creature that had been killed the night before. He looked at it for the first time now, Even on fire the creatures hide seemed to show very little sign of damage.

"Aye, this thing will make a fine suit of armor once the meat and bones are all burned off." Ferthau said as Verrick gawked at the creature. "Its an offshoot of the Fang Dragon Species."

"Where did it come from?"

"Not really sure. We have some guesses though. This thing is only a couple days old as near as we can tell which gives me a pretty good idea. But we will need Lupis to actually explain everything to ya. His job is explainin, My job is guarding and killing things."

"Where is Lupis then?" Verrick asked wanting a real answer.

"Come on Lad, He's in the gate chamber. Follow me" and with that Ferthau walked away from the fire and towards the wall of the keep where a portcullus had been constructed.

"Ferthau, what is the gate Chamber?"

"Well lad, it's ahhh, well ummm" the dwarf stammered "I can't explain it. Ya gotta see it to really understand it"

"And my Grandfather knew all about this"

"Ohhhh yeah, he knew, but just like you will be, he was sworn to never talk about what he had seen and so he never did"

The two walked into the Portcullus and a massive iron gate lowered behind them. infront of them another Massive iron gate began to lift up once the first had closed.

"Are these gates always down?" Verrick asked.

"They are now. We had gotten lax and that beasty making it into the courtyard gave us all a nasty reality check. A few moments extra in and out means everything is safe, i can live with that" said the dwarf as his eyes began to dance around. "Ahh here ya go." he said as the gate had finally reached it's apex. They passed under it and into a small area where walls rose up on either side. While it should have been a sealed tunnel Verrick could see holes to the outside. The Dragon had damaged this area rather effectivly. Ferthau noticed them too. "No worries lad, the boys will have this lock mended sometime today."

Now they passed into a raw opening of the mine. Verrick's Grandfather had always told him the mine was off limits as the dwarves that worked in the mine didn't like visitors. He looked around as they walked past corridors. he couldn't hear any other noises.
"Ferthau, where are all the miners that my grandfather always talked about. The dwarves that mined all the gold and gemstones?"

"ahhh, well thats something else Lupis will have to explain."

they reached a dead end with a large hole in the floor. Ferthau pressed a large rounded ruby on the back of his gauntlet. Instantly rings of stone sprung up from the floor and then broke open to allow them to enter. at the same time the rings appeared a floor covered the hole. The Dwarf stepped into the center of the newly appeared floor and beckoned to Verrick to join him. Cautiously he did just that. the floor seemed solid enough. The Dwarf pressed the ruby on his gauntlet again. The Stone Circles closed themselves again and in a bright flash they were gone.

Several hundred feet below that spot they all appeared again. The rings, appeared first, followed by the human and the dwarf. then as quickly as they had appeared above the rings dissapeared and Verrick was left dumbfounded and looking around. He looked straight up. Far above he could see the slightest indication of light and so he assumed he was now lower in the mine. The walls here were all very smooth, not a single pick mark or rough line could be seen anywhere. In fact he began to wonder how the walls had been created and cut soo smoothly. as if he could tell what was going through his mind, Ferthau looked at him for a second and said "Aye lad, Lupis can answer all yer questions, This way" and then the dwarf started off down the passage.

The dwarf strode through the tunnel with a confidence as Verrick walked cautiously along behind him. Several times they passed what looked like doors, or at least a place where a door could have been. the stone still looked smooth. Finally they reached the end of the hall at what looked like one of the doors without a door. the dwarf ran his hand over the carved stone on the right side of the door and symbols illuminated and began to glow blue. The Dwarf touched one of the symbols and suddenly the stone within the doorway parted and opened to either side. As Verrick entered the chamber beyond he now understood what the dwarf meant when he said he couldn't really describe it. This had to be the gate chamber, and Verrick now realized that everything he knew about his world was somehow not quite complete.
Chapter 1

Verrick awoke the next day well rested and suprisingly ignorant of the events of the prior evening. He walked happily down the stairs to the main kitchen where he could smell the delicate aromas of something being cooked. As he entered the kitchen he was shocked to see a beautiful Elven woman dressed in somewhat extravagant silk dress whirling around the kitchen with fervor.

"I am sorry my lord, I know breakfast should have been on the table already. . ."

"Relax," Verrick Started, " Your not in trouble." he said with a smile walking slowly over to the bar where she stood somewhat dumbstruck. "I don't think Grandfather ever mentioned an elf maiden in his kitchen, you must be new"

"uhh, Yes," She stammered, "I had been working in the town and was asked to come up here and serve as the head cook about a week before your grandfather passed.
I am Throildeth," she said turning around quickly to check something cooking on the fire grate behind her.

"Well, Throildeth, I am Verrick, and as for breakfast in the dining chamber don't worry about it. i am content to eat right here" he said pointing at the small cooks table in the corner of the kitchen. He quickly strode over to the pantry where the plates were kept and plucked out two. "Will you join me in this exsquisite meal?" he asked offering her a plate.

Cautiously she took the offered plate and then held out her other hand for the second plat. "Please my lord, Have a seat I shall bring you my wares." she said with a somewhat soft yet firm tone.

Realizing he wouldn't not be able to sway the set mind of an elf, Verrick quickly retrieved two forks and headed for the table. He watched as the Elf Maiden turned and quickly plated the food. Some type of meat, what looked like diced potatoes, some type of sauce and fist sized chunk of freshly baked and still warm bread were arrayed onto the plates with a delicate skill that only a female elf would be capable of. Finally she brought the two plates across the kitchen and sat down at the table after placing Verricks plate in front of him.

"I hope you enjoy it." she said with a slight blush.

"It looks wonderful. What is it?" he asked as he pulled the knife from his belt and began to cut the meat on his plate.

"Grilled Dragonloin, sweet spiced potatoes, melora sauce, and freshly made sugar bread."
A few minutes later the door opened again and there stood Lupis as well as Ferthau. The Dwarf spoke first,
"Well i guess an explaination is in order." I looked at him in disbelief. Moments ago this dwarf had a gaping hole in his chest and appeared to be in a state of flux. Then my eyes fell to the halfling beside him. He was whole again, no sign of the wall he had turned himself into. Now he was just a simple halfling.

"So where did that dragon come from? i asked partially changing the subject.
"That can wait." Lupis said as the two entered my chamber. "We," he started pointing to himself and Ferthau, "Are portal guardians, We guard this world from those things that might come through the portal."
I had heard of portals, magical gateways that allow a person to travel great distances in only a few steps.
"Grandfather never mentioned any portal" i said "Is this just some elaborate joke to see how I will react?"

"The truth couldn't be farther from that," Ferthau started then looked to Lupis who meerely nodded, then then dwarf continued.

"Hidden deep in the mine, No, Deep in the mountain it's self is an ancient portal. As near as we can tell it predates all civilization on this world."

"I thought portals went to matching portals somewhere else, where is this one's mate? and where did that dragon come from?" I asked.

"Were not exactly sure where the Dragon came from. As to the mate for this portal it doesn't really work like that." Lupis replied.

Now my attention focused on the Halfling he began to speak. "Your grandfather had been through the portal many times, many of the trinkets he brought you were from the worlds on the other side of the portal."

I replayed that statement in my head several times before speaking again. "Worlds? You mean other kingdoms not worlds . . ."

"I meant exactly what i stated. Somewhat. . . I suggest you get a good nights sleep and in the morning perhaps we can discuss this more."

I yawned "I guess so. A good nights sleep does sound good" I heard myself say as I started to slump.

Luckily Ferthau was ready for what had happened. He was up and across the small chamber to catch me as i passed out.

A Visitor in the night

"Shall I show you to your quarters Sir?"

"No that's ok I think I can find my way"

I had finally settled into my quarters when there was a quiet knock at my door. I had been pondering some of the artifacts that had been stored in my quarters. Setting the items down i strode to the door and opened it. There i found another old friend. Lupis.

"I am sorry to disturb you at this late hour."

"Nonsense, come in Lupis, you haven't aged a day since i last saw you" i said. the Halfling looked at me with a wry smile as he entered and sat in a chair.

"Sir, How much do you know about this keep and your grandfather?"

"First of all there is no reason to call me Sir, and to answer your question i know some of the dwarves mine gems from the cave and the shared the profits with my grandfather. Is that what your talking about?"

"Not exactly . . ." Before he could say another word something slammed into the door. Quickly I reopened the door to see Ferthau, or what used to be Ferthau. Some how the dwarf seemed to be melting and changing. His form seemed more like a fluid then a solid. The Dwarf reformed and he looked at me his eyes wide in horror.

"Take Cover my lord we are under attack"

Before i could act Lupis was across the room between me and the door. I had known Lupis to be a Mage. Grandfather had told me he as a Mage and a Cleric and capable of great things. Now before my eyes he stepped into the door and his form shimmered for a brief second before he appeared to turn to a liquid. His body contorted and filled the doorway as the dwarf slammed the door shut. it seemed to pass through the morphing body of the halfling. Through the opening before the door closed compleatly i could see what used to be Lupis forming into the texture of the wall on either side of the door.

I ran to the window in the chamber and below I was amazed at what I saw. A group of Dwarves was surronding what looked like a small dragon that had just emerged from the mine. It's spouts of Fire were met by arrows, spells and swords before it finally fell to the dwarven forces.


I always thought it odd. . .

"And to my Grandson Verrick Mal Dorrak, I bequeath the title third Duke of Corrmeon, and master of Gemstone Keep, May your life in those walls bring you as much adventure as it did me"

I was stunned, speachless, really, i figured my Father would get the keep, or my older brother, heck they had already decided that they would share the keep and give me a tower to myself if I wanted to live there. Don't get me wrong. They both got one heck of a stipen, enough gold and gems that neither of them would have to do anything but sit and get fat for the rest of their days. I had always loved the keep, perhaps that was one of the reasons it had been left to me. I knew All of my Grandfathers staff. I had always thought it odd why he surrounded himself with people with such long lives, All his Staff at the keep were Elves, Halflings, and Dwarves. What few Humans I had met usually came up from the small town at the base of the mountain. I had always particularly enjoyed listening to the stories told by Grandpas Seneschal, the halfling, Lupis Darkwolf. He always told the best stories.

Several weeks later I lead my horse up the switchback trail to the shelf where the keep sat. The keep was excatly as i remembered it. As I approached the Portcullis i was greeted by Ferthau, the Dwarven captain of the guard. He bowed low, which for a dwarf is even more impressive. "Ahh young master Verrick, welcome back, I wish the reason was more cheerful, Your grandfather will be missed"

"yes he will. How have things been in his absences"

"Quiet, very very quiet. Even Lupis hasn't hardly said a word."


a star wars scene

For I am a Jedi. . .
The swirls and fog of the vision ripple as if looking into a wading pool that has been touched by an acorn. Suddenly in a bright flash of purpose everything sharpens into focus. The young man a Jedi by his clothing stands surrounded by nearly 50 Clone troopers. A single speck of Tan in a sea of white. They all have their blasters trained on this most deadly foe. This Man whom had led these men through hell several times over was apparently their enemy. Order 66 told them so. They stood waiting for the order from the commander to cut the jedi down. He looked around his eyes seeming to fall upon the hidden face of every trooper present.
“The Dark side has won this day. You will murder me on this spot as you do it’s bidding. But know this, you have not and will not win this war, For my Ally is the Force, and these atrocities demand that the force be balanced. Your day will come, and a each of you pass into the arms of the flow of the force I will be there to show you the way.” His eyes fixed on the trooper he had called friend for so many months. “Commander, Let me be killed as a Knight in service to the Force”
With that he ingnighted his Lightsaber. The Blade of green energy burst from the hilt with the snap hiss sound that was unmistakeable. He tightened his grip on the weapon and was startled when another blade erupted out of thin air, and another and 2 more. 4 more Lightsaber blades had appeared surrounding him on all 4 sides. The Clone Troopers held their ground somewhat spooked by this revelation. Suddenly 4 massive robed and hooded jedi crackled into existence each holding one of the lightsabers. In unison they each held out a second Lightsaber. These weapons floated out infront of them and ignighted themselves hovering in mid air.
A guttural purring was heard from the four for a moment. Finally one spoke. “This Jeeediii will be spared”
The Clone commander raised his blaster to aim at one of the interlopers, “Stand aside the emperor has decreed that the Jedi are evil and are to be put down.
“I figured you would say that” came the deep growling voice again. One of the 4 raised its Lightsaber in a Massive clawed hand and uttered “For the Balance of the future” The Clone troopers began firing at the cluster of Jedi, at the same time the floating Sabers began flying around the group with such tremendous speed that no blaster bolt could penetrate the field of ionized energy. Suddenly the clones became gravitationaly challenged. First 1 got thrown into the air.then another. As they contined to attempt the blast the cluster the defense became more vicious. Force lighting lanced out from each of the 4, electrocuting the clones. Suddenly among the troopers a blur began moving. One of the Clones was thrown aside violently, his armor shredded by powerful blades. Heads fell neatly from shoulders and still the Clones refused to route. The blur took shape, a massive green skinned reptilian creature danced through their midst, jumping , smashing, slicing at them with a set of wicked looking blades attached to its wrist. A massive foot crushed the helmet and the skull within of a clone trooper as another was ripped cleanly open through the chest as his armor provided as much defense as a layer of cloth. Finally only the Clone commander stood defiantly. He backed away slightly from the massive creature. It removed the helmet that to now had concealed its face. A set of 4 mandibles gnashed at the trooper. The giant creature wrenched the commanders weapon from him and forcibly removed the clones helmet. It leaned close to the commander, so close that the clone could smell it’s breath.
“You Scared?” the creature croaked in broken common.
“Good, your Sith master sees through your eyes, so let him see that the Force will correct it’s self. We will bring balance to the force no matter what it takes.”
“I suppose I am to take that message back to my superiors?” the Comander asked.
“You already have” the creature growled and Hissed. Suddenly there was a flurry of action and movement , the Hiss of another Lightsaber for what seemed like only a second then silence. The Clone trooper couldn’t even muster a scream. His throat had been cauterized closed. the Creature laughed and turned it’s back on him as his vision faded to black.
As quickly as the battle had begun it was over. The Jedi looked at the creatures surrounding him. “You will go into hiding. We will watch over you. When the time comes you will be Jedi once again. Never lose faith in the Force, It is your most powerful Ally.” One of the creatures growled seconds before they all disappeared.
The Jedi was never seen again and though he was hunted by many he was never caught. To this day the forces of the empire still speak of the battle that a single Jedi bested 50 Clones, and the Clone Commanders body was found carved neatly into 10 pieces that only separated after the body crumpled to the ground. . .

a pushing General, an untested ship

With a violent lurch the ship burst out of faster then light travel. it immediatly began to spin on it's axis continuing the instability that ripped it out of hyperspace in the first place.
"Helm get control, if you don't break us out of this flat spin were all dead" Major Renyolds yelled as he clutched the arm of his command chair and fought his stomach for the rights to keep his food down.

Feverishly a young seargent ran his hands over a console. Sweat drenched his neckline and ran down into the coverall uniform he wore. he tried sequences of commands each one slightly different then the previous one. The red flashing lights on his console continued to remind him just how dire the situatuation was. This ship shuttered violently as one of the sequences finally took hold. Slowly the flashing of the lighs slowed and finally stopped to be replaced with a green status light. Seargant Franks sat back in his seat. He felt his vertrabrae crack and pop as his spine assumed a normal relaxed posture. He removed his hands from the console and flexed his fingers something he hadn't had time to do in nearly 3 hours. He began to speak and as the words came out he realized he was horse from yelling and breathing so hard. He coughed several times and cleared his throat before finally managing to speak.

"Major , were out of the spin and holding stationary. Although we will need to beam everything from Cargo hold 2 back in, as it's currently floating away from the ship."

The major took a deep breath and shook his head affirmative. "Sarge, take a 10 minute break then you can tell me what happened and why, and why our cargo is now in space."

"Aye Sir" the Sargent replied and fully relaxed into hjs seat.

The Major flipped a couple switches on the arm of his chair and a chirp was heard all over the ship.
"This is Major Renyolds, Red alert is canceled we are standing down to yellow alert. all hands remain at their duty stations." he then tapped a code into a keypad and spoke again "Captain Marx, Sargent Franks informs me that we lost some cargo into space from bay 2. would you be so kind as to beam it back into its positions."
"Yes sir, I am already targeting"

Minutes passed slowly and finally Sargent Franks turned around to look at the Major who appeared to finally be relaxing a little. "Sir" the Sarge said tentavly "It was an engine imbalance, The Krazney nevrer got her engines tune before she was told to ship out to the Delta Site. I remember reading the logs about it. the engines recieved a bench test but that was it. The General at the delta site was pushing too hard so they rushed us. I think I have solved it but before we procede to the delta site I would like to test it."

"Very well Sarge, now how did you stop us and why did our cargo end up in . . ."
The sargent smirked "Well sir i guess i can chalk it up to watching Star Trek as a kid. We had to much lateral spin so I blew open the access hatch in cargo bay 2. the explosive decompression was enough to arrest the spin and allow the ships stabalizers to take hold."

"the Crago is all back inside" came across the bridge speaker

"All hands, stand by were going to best the FTL drive again. remain at your stations."

With that the Major nodded at the Sargent sitting in front of him and the IOA ship Krazney Oktyober once again powered up. infront of it a tear in the fabric of space errupted and the ship entered it.

A werewolf In Japan

The light of a thousand candles flickered around the massive room. Smoke from burning inscense wafted across the noses of every one, no every thing present. The massive chamber was filled with creatures and people that seemed as if they should not be together. around the base a group of women moved in exact timing to the beats of taiko drums and the twangs of several koto.

"Is this elaborate production really necessary" the young man Whispered to the man next to him as he watched the procedings.

"This, ah very normoo, The court of Emerald Mother, have Very strict protocols about things like this. You as Sunsetter never truely understand."

At this moment the drums, the Koto and the dancing stopped rather abruptly and with an almost unnatural quickness,  they all cleared the floor.

from the other end of the chamber a large man stood with a spear in his hand. he raised the spear high above his head and than slammed the staff of the spear down onto the ground at his feet. a Massive clap of thinder seemed to eminate from the spear and everyone in the chamber grew silent. he wore the most simple of kimino, yet the way he moved it was obvious he commanded respect.

"Introductions!" a small very delicate man standing at the spearholders side said with a short squeal.

"This your moment, I speak then you speak only if asked question. undaastand?" the old japanesse man said glancing at the young man next to him.
"Yes sir" he said with a nod of his head.

The two stepped into the center of the chamber and walked to the middle facing the man in the Kimono with the spear. The old man stopped and bowed deeply.

"I am Mitsuna of Stargazer, i bring one of the prophosized re-builders before you the court of the Emerald Mother." a Murmer and a few gasps went around the chamber until finally the man with the spear struck it on the ground again. once again a crack of thunder errupted from it. This time in the center of the ring the young man felt the wave of energy strike his chest. Once again the Chamber fell silent.

The man with the spear took a step forward to look down on the old man that had spoken and the young man at his side.

"Shihan Wind Walker, many times you have come before this court in your persuit of this prophecy. Why do you think this young boy from the west is a re-builder?"

"Ask the spirits, or use your powers, this boy is proof that re-builders exist and that we must pay heed to the prophecy."

The Old man closed his eyes for a moment then opened them staring at the young man. He blinked several times then squinted and smiled.
"This child walks with bear on one side,  and Turtle on the other. Tell me Wind Walker, why do your bring him before the courts"

"I bring him before the courts to ask for protection, I bring him before the courts to ask for acceptance, and for the court to acknowledge him for who he is."

The man smiled and raised his spear in the air. Using both hands he began to move the spear around in the Air. as he did the tip of the spear swished and flowed as if it were the tip of a paint brush. As he did a glyph appeared drawn, no painted by the spear tip. when he was finished the glyph hung in the air for all the chamber to see.

"Step forward young man and speak your name, if you are who the spirits have named you, then you shall be safe."

The young man stepped forward and bowed.  " I address the Courts of the Emerald Mother. I present myself, Nani Ahiahi, last of the Croatan, first of the Re-builders."  No sooner had the young man spoken that the Glyph hanging in mid air flared bright blue with energy then shot down into the young mans chest. He was wracked with pain for moments before straitening up. he looked up into the chamber at the man with the spear.

"Nani of Croatan, we the emerald court accept you as one of us, but i warn you, your tribes history and sacrafice is well known. I am sure there are forces that would have you killed were they to know of your existance. for that reason i make you a full member of the court and place you under the protection of Wind Walker and his Stargazers. So long as you remain in the lands of the Emerald Mother you shall not be harmed by any of it's members. May the Emerald Mother bless you as you walk your path to enlightenment."

Nani bowed proudly as he listened to the applause around the chamber.

an interesting use. . .

With a certain Amount of intensity the Klingon watched the long range scans. The Star destroyer was holding it's own, but she would need help pretty quick. With a flash another ship dropped out of warp and rammed one of the ships. Seconds later the battle was over. Captain Khort looked around the bridge of the devestator. "Back to work i guess." he said with an eeriy smile. Dial the gate and prepare the probe. at a console at the back of the bridge a young man in a Starfleet uniform pressed a series of symbols. nearly 1 kilometer infront of the Devestator floating in Space was a Stargate. One by one the Chevrons turned red until the seventh one lit and the Gate flushed in the silence of space.

"launching probe" another Starfleet officer spoke up. What looked like a slow moving torpedo shot from the large ship and splushed through the gate. Seconds later the a Tactical display lit up. It showed a planet surface and weapons blasting towards the gate. Weapons fired by the Jaffa Minions of the Goa'uld. Around the bridge several Klingons smiled.

"Helm move us into position, Engineering Charge the mauler, tractor Control and Shield control, Stand by" In the Darkness of space the massive ship edged closer to the Stargate. To call it a ship was almost a stretch. 4 warp engines arrayed around a massive tubular hull. Jutting out from the front of the main tube offset from the warp engines were 4 weapons pods. As the Ship moved closer the Deflector array at the very front of the tube began to glow with an increasing intensity.

"Captain, you have full power to the mauler you may fire when ready"

"Good," the klingon said "Die well Jaffa" he said through a smile. "FIRE" the captain rumbled. From the deflector a massive beam of energy lanced out from the Ship. The Beam plunged through the event horizon of the Stargate. As with all gate travels there was few seconds of delay, before the beam exited the gate on the other side. instantly the ground, the Jaffa weapon emplacements, and the Jaffa that had been firing at the gate expecting someone to exit the gate were all liquified. the beam lasted for 5 seconds before disipating. in those 5 seconds everything within a 5 miles straight out from the gate and nearly 1 mile on either side was cooked by extreme energy. Seconds later the Gate deactivated and went silent.  About a minute after the Gate shut down the devestator once again backed away from the Stargate and went into a power building cycle. About that time the Star destroyer and the U.S.S. Heretic both dropped into the space. The Klingon Captain watched as the 2 ships flew into a slow graceful formation and approached the Devestator. Finally the Communications system chimed.

"On Screen" the Klingon barked and his main display was replaced with an image of Captain Jacob Dracon.

"Khort, you old snake, you still hiding out here in the middle of nowhere and vaporizing planets from a distance?"

"Guilty as charged" the Klingon said with a grin. "in fact when i grew bored of watching your heroics I took it upon myself to wipe out a few batallions of Jaffa on one of Imhoteps planets. One of these days I shall meet this Goa'uld and kill him with my bear hands, but until then I shall wipe out his planets and his troops."

"Sounds like a good job for you. . . "  Captain Dracon turned to a place on his bridge. Instantly the klingon spun to his tactical officer who was already in action. "Sir 2 Ha'tak ships are dropping into the system."

"you know the drill" the Klingon said settling back into his chair "maximum spread, arm all tubes and phasers, protect the heretic and the Vengence." all around the bridge of devestator the crew became a blur. in seconds the engineer had reported full power, the tactical officer reported locks and the captain smiled. "Anhiliate them!" Once again the deflector of the U.S.S. Devestator errupeted with a beam of energy. this time it was directed towards the 2 goa'uld vessels. As it streamed through space it spread out .  The First ship took the brunt of the blast. The energy enveloped the ship, then as the beam continued the Ha'tak's shields collapsed and the energy melted the matter of the ship until if boiled into vapor. The other ship recieved only a partial blast floated in space like a dead hulk. less then a second after the energy disipated the weapon pods of the devestator flared to life. nearly 100 quantum torpedos and phaser blasts ripped across space and ripped through the remaining vessel. Again space was quiet.

"Helm, prepare to retrieve the Gate and set a course out of here. Comms, Open a channel to the Heretic and the Vengence." An audible Blip could be heard and the display screen flashed to life. "I need to move. The Devestator cannot remain here with the chance that they may know where she is. If you wish to join me send slave controls to my helm officer. Otherwise Qua'pla!" with that the Klingon Captain sat back and waited. The Devestator hovered over the Stargate as a pannel opened up on the belly. carefully a tractor beam lifted the Stargate from it's place in space and settled it inside the the hull. moments later the Devestator, the Heretic and the Vengence lept out of the system.